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At Beverly Hills Construction, we are pleased to announce that we offer an array of quality residential construction services. This includes new construction, home renovations, and much more. Whether you want to start from the ground up or make better use of the space you already have, we have a team of general contractors and construction specialists who can make a difference.You can stop settling for the home you have and start getting the home you have always wanted. We have innovative design experts who can walk through your home, room by room, making recommendations. We can help you make better use of your space, incorporate new design trends, and replace old, worn out materials with sustainable, eco-friendly ones.Imagine the possibilities for one moment. You can suddenly have a gourmet kitchen, complete with an island and a wine fridge. You can have a luxurious bathroom with a Roman tub. Your home office can be spacious and well organized.

Our exceptional services include:


Complimentary Consultation and Initial Design

Architectural Services and Blueprints

Interior Design (Style, Material Selection, Space Efficiency, Fixtures)

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Regardless of whether you want us to work on a single room or the entire home, you can count on our construction services. We have a high reputation throughout Beverly Hills for providing innovative designs, and we look forward to helping you with your next project.Our team is diversified, consisting of designers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters, and more. This means that you can avoid the aggravation of having to work with multiple firms. We will provide you with all of the services, reducing your headache and adding to your savings.

Residential services you can look forward to include:

• New Home Construction
• Design & Build Services
• Solar Panel Installation Services
• Kitchen Design & Remodeling
• Bathroom Design & Remodeling
• Home Remodeling & Renovations
• Earthquake Retrofitting
We want to help build or renovate your dream home. Fill out the contact form today and let us get started with a free initial consultation.

New Home Construction

New construction homes in Los Angeles are popular. When you have searched far and wide across the Californian real estate market and cannot find what you are looking for, you can turn to us at Beverly Hills Construction. We can provide you with the full plans to create the home of your dreams. This gives you the opportunity to create the entire floor plan, providing the space where you need it. Our general contractors can then pull the permits and build the entire home for you – and help you locate the best plot of land, too.You live in Beverly Hills – and you should expect the very best. The real estate market does not always give you what you want – but we can. With our innovative solutions and our trendy designs, we can create something stunning for you. Regardless of whether you want to have land that overlooks the Pacific Ocean or Big Bear Mountain, we are here to make the most of the view that you have – and the space that you desire.Building a new home can be exciting because you are in control of everything, inside and out. To ensure you make smart decisions along the way, work with a construction company that has a solid reputation. Call to schedule a free consultation on new home construction in Los Angeles today!

Design & Build Services

At Beverly Hills Construction, we are proud to offer a variety of design and build services. This provides you with the opportunity to dream big. We have access to some of the best architects and designers to help you to fulfill your dreams.Whether you want to design and build a brand-new home, remodel the one you have, or make some additions, we look forward to being able to assist. We have taken on projects large and small, and look forward to new and innovative projects. With our quality craftsmanship and our reputation for producing stunning homes, you won’t be disappointed. For us, there is nothing more important than quality design and build services. This is why we offer what we do, and we can build of the custom home that you have always wanted. There is no reason to stick with status quo when there is a simple solution right in front of you. We utilize the most sustainable materials, and can provide affordability within every project that we complete.When you would like to learn more about our design and build services in Beverly Hills and throughout the surrounding areas, contact us today. We can schedule a consultation so that you can see just how creative our team can be.

Solar Panel Installation Services

Solar panels are the way of the future. When you are tired of paying high electric bills, it's important to tap into an eco-friendly option. We can provide solar panel installation at Beverly Hills Construction – and make recommendations on some of the best panels currently on the market.Solar panels can remain in one place or move around throughout the day in order to capture the most sunlight. This can help to lower your electric bill every month, or eliminate it entirely. This will make it easier for you to have the power you need in your home – whether it is powering the fountain on your pool, operating your home theater, or anything else.Our technicians are licensed and insured, and have experience installing various models of solar panels. You can count on us to provide a quality install, complete with a warranty. This will deliver peace of mind all year long, and savings each time you receive your electric bill in the mail.The advantages of solar panels are phenomenal, and you may qualify for various rebates from the state and federal government, too. In order to learn more about installing these eco-friendly panels, fill out the contact form today so we can reach out to you!

Kitchen Design & Remodeling

You may absolutely love your home, but you may not be in love with the kitchen. This is likely because it doesn’t contain all of the most innovative technology, the luxury materials, and even the general layout that you desire.
With kitchen design and remodeling services, you have the ability to completely redesign your kitchen so that it works for you and your needs.Whether you enjoy baking, cooking, or simply entertaining, we can work with you to provide a beautiful design. This will make it easier for your kitchen to make sense for you. You may want to add a kitchen island, swap where the sink is located, add some of the most technologically advanced appliances, and replace flooring, countertops, and even cabinetry.At Beverly Hills Construction, we have the know-how to make a significant difference. One of our designers can sit and talk to you about design, integrating your ideas and making recommendations every step of the way. From there, a team of remodeling specialists will come in and bring the drawings to life so that you can enjoy every minute that you spend inside your kitchen.Visit our portfolio now to see some of the work we have done in the past.

Bathroom Design & Remodeling

Believe it or not, you spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom. Whether it is soaking in a tub, taking a shower, or simply getting ready on a daily basis, you are in there for hours a day. This means you will want to do everything you can to make it a little bit more luxurious. The design may not be ideal for you now – though that can change with the help of remodeling professionals.One of the members of our design team can sit down and talk to you about what can be done in the bathroom. We can show you a variety of photos, talked to about what can be done with the space, and listen to your ideas. Recommendations can then be made, and sketches can be created so that you can see how innovative your bathroom can suddenly look.We have the ability to change out appliances, replaced often showers, enhance the vanities, and much more. We have professionals who specialize in electrical and plumbing, too – ensuring that you are able to get everything that you want without having to call in another company.Contact us today to find out how we can help you with any bathroom design and remodeling that you have planned.

Home Remodeling & Renovations

You should always love your home. Home remodeling is an important aspect of owning a house in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas. Over time, your tastes change, and so do design trends. We can help you to stay up on the latest trends by providing remodeling services.You can add rounded corners, crown molding, new shades of paint, open floorplans, larger rooms, and much more. Whether you are looking to focus on a single room or the entire home, our construction team at Beverly Hills Construction is prepared to deliver. We have specialists in every area, including electrical and plumbing.It’s your chance to redesign every room to meet current and future needs. Perhaps you used to have kids in the home and now you want to repurpose some of those bedrooms into fitness centers and home theatres. We’re here to help you indulge inside your home!We have a reputation in Southern California for providing high customer service levels as well as sustainable materials and innovative designs. We’re confident that we can take care of all of your needs and look forward to the opportunity to show you what we can do. View our portfolio to see some of the before and after photos of past renovation projects now.

Call us today to learn how you can start renovating your home.

Earthquake Retrofitting

Earthquakes can be absolutely terrifying. They are capable of destroying homes of all shapes and sizes. Earthquake retrofitting can help to enhance the safety of your home. Existing homes throughout Beverly Hills require this – and this is because our knowledge of earthquakes and construction techniques has improved drastically since many older homes have been built.

Some of the services that we include with retrofitting includes:

- Hold-down brackets
- Foundation bolting
- Cripple wall bracing

We work with specialists on earthquake safety and construction to ensure that your home is analyzed to determine what is needed. The retrofitting can help to prepare you for an earthquake. Unfortunately, technology has not reached the level where we can get advanced notice. Often, they appear out of nowhere, and you don’t want to lose your home because you have been putting earthquake retrofitting off. We can help to prevent sliding, racking, and overturning.With some of the most innovative construction techniques, Beverly Hills Construction can provide you with the peace of mind that you need when an earthquake strikes. To learn more about what we can do and what your home requires, contact us today.