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- Welcome to Beverly Hills Construction. We are the company that has helped lots of people build their dream homes. Whether it is a residential or commercial construction, traditional or modern designs, we specialize in building them all. Beverly Hills Construction was established in 2013 by Amir Nazarian and his brothers. With 20 years of experience and learning from the specialists, we have turned into a high quality detailed-oriented construction company.
Our team includes specialist contractors, architects, and project managers. We are continuously involved in learning about the latest construction trends and solutions. We use cutting-edge technology which affects the home design and construction. Our team is always fully prepared to provide you with exceptional results. They have got the best knowledge and the latest skills in their portfolio for this purpose.
Our exceptional services include:

  • Complimentary Consultation and Initial Design
  • Architectural Services and Blueprints
  • Interior Design (Style, Material Selection, Space Efficiency, Fixtures)
  • Acquiring Required Permits from the City

We use environmental friendly materials for constructing the models, whether we have to work on the project from scratch or do its remodeling. There is no need to hire multiple contractors as long as the Beverly Hills Construction team is available for assistance. We are expert in several fields, even in installing wiring and plumbers.
Explore our recent construction works to learn more about us. Get in touch with a contractor now to discuss your construction needs. We will be more than happy to work on the construction projects according to your customized needs. We also give free quote for our services.

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